Felix Goes On Strike (Otto Messmer, 1921)

A lost film, not be confused with Felix Revolts (Otto Messmer, 1923). Description courtesy of the Classic Felix Encyclopedia:

When Felix’s owner demands that he spend overtime chasing rats, Felix begins picketing the house. His owner gets a dog to take Felix’s place, but Felix brings allies from “Cat’s Union Local 99” to beat up the “strikebreaker.” In the end, Felix’s owner apologizes, the hatchet is buried, and together they trick the rats into moving to a nearby shop.

Mike Lipscombe, video for “Swingin’” (1999)

Okay, maybe we’re like cheapening our “brand” or whatever by stooping to this, but 

a) Tom Petty has a radical sense of temporality in which the past is the future is the NOW, and I defy you to distinguish one of his early-70s tracks from a contemporary one by songwriting alone (okay, the big drums give the 80s stuff away, but blame the label or the coke for that); 

b) this dude directed a Manic Street Preachers video once, which is more than most armchair radicals can say; and

c) I can’t even tell if this whole thing is a joke. I hope so.  

h/t to the great unbornwhiskey on this one. 

Paul Mazursky, Harry and Tonto (1974)

Okay, this is pretty sentimental, and hardly a politically radical film. That said, we might consider it a formally radical act to make a deeply empathetic film and then center it on one of nature’s most sociopathic, monstrous beasts, the cat. 

We discussed some of our ambivalence about Mazursky in a blog post here—and baby, if you wanna see pictures of the Newark airport, click now, cuz we’re not sure anyone else in the universe has written a blog post about this film’s one scene at Newark airport, just sayin’. 

Jeremy Silveira, video for Dikembe, “All I Want for Christmas is You" (2014)

We have hit a new low in life here, watching a modern emo band cover Mariah Carey because Ian Cohen called it “genuinely affecting” or something in a Pitchfork review and why were we even reading that to begin with this world is horrible and needs to burn. 

But there were cats, so here you have it. Now we know what being old feels like. And Ian, oh good, more sports crap you can inject into indie rock reviews, sweet references, bro.